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Subject: Caregiver
  I have a question for the experts.
My sister who is in Latin America wants to come as a caregiver to Canada.I am sure that she will be approved, however she has a small child that she can?t leave behind.
Can she apply for a visitor visa for the child and come with her.Maybe she can renew it after for the period of 2 years.


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She can apply for a visitor visa for a child.

The problem comes under "live in criteria" will the prospective employer allow the child to stay with the mother.Also would the immigration officer believe that the child will return?

The good thing is the child is eligible for PR status and doesnt need to go out of the country.Temporary residents "CANNOT" apply for permanent resident status from within Canada.
-refugees or protected persons;
-live-in caregivers; and
-spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents

Thank you for the reply (in reply to: Caregiver)
I looking for different options.
Are you saying that if she comes here with a visitor visa and later declares herself as refugee - she can apply for a PR status while in Canada.
I am not really clear on how this works.I always assumed that if a person apply for a refugee status they can´t apply for a PR in the same time and stay in Canada...

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