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Subject: Indian applying from US

Happy to find this forum. Could anyone who have applied from USA, please provide me the information:

Looking at the website, the following are the list of things to send:
1. Application forms
2. Bank Statement
3. FBI Clearance (also State(s) clearance??): Can we send this at a later point during the application process? HOW did you get this in the US? The FBI website talks about fingerprints but local police station is not offering that service. Should we mail it to West Virginia and how long does it take?
4. Photographs
5. Employment letter
6. Copies of Passport
7. Fees
Is the list right?

Also, did you all take the English test or wait if they will ask for it?
Thanks for your help.

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You need to submit following document along with this list.

1) Proof of funds (which is either bank statement or a letter from bank)
2)Previous company Experience letter, Your education marksheets, Date of birth certificate and marriage certificate if you are married.
3) Pay stub from current employer, W2 forms etc These will prove your current employment.
4) It would be better if you send FBI PCC along with application otherwise they will ask later which will delay your file processing. It´s upto you.
5) I got the fingerprint card for fingerprinting from FBI and then I went to Local police percinct to get prints or you can go to any private finger print agent to get prints. Once you get the prints then you can mail it to FBI and ask them to expedite by puting deadline date on the envelope.
6) You can send without English test but I think now a days they are asking everyone to appear for it. But that can be submitted later.

I hope this will help.

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For police report and english tests you can send later not with the application but as soon as possible. At apply and get the receipt. You have to have state and national clearance. Also you will need to send indian police clearance which takes 3-4 months sometimes
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Also it cannot be stressed any more that you have to be really careful while filling out the application forms.

Maybe others can chip in with their experiences, but I had got mine back because I had not filled "- N/A -" in the spaces that were not applicable for me, simple mistakes like that will result in them sending the application back to you and you have to fill them again.

You can send form without taking test, no problem, but I feel that if you are sending PCC then send the English scores also so that the additional time is not lost just because of the IELTS. If you don´t have IELTS then you can send it to them anytime, even before they request, so I suggest submit application ASAP then send docs as and when you get it. Also, another thing to consider is that PCC is valid for one year only.

Best of Luck.

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Thanks KBS, OM, Raj, and Anonymous for your kind responses. Planning to take the English exam only after sending in the application, regarding police clearance, looks like the process will take about 4-6 weeks, thats where still juggling between sending the application, with or without it. How long is it taking now if we apply from India? Is 8 months to a year, a right expectation?
Thanks again.

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Also, found this site, some information is incomplete here:
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