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Subject: Financial support proof
What are the ways to prove that you have anough funds (10,000$ I guess for a single person)? Will the bank statement from one of the banks be sufficient enough?
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yes bank statement is good the form of a letter from the bank.
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Can this be altered?
I mean someone could deposit amount of money and take it off later....

Just wonder

Wonder man
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CIC can ask for an updated proof of funds at various points along the process. In our case they ask for 3 months of bank statements. You also must have the cash in hand when you enter Canada. Can you use it...we decided it was not worth risking our application so it stays in the bank.
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What do you mean by 3 month opf bank statements. I have my money at the bank in Russai, I do not receive monthly statments. The only thing I can do is request the letter frim the bank stating how much money I have on my bank account. Will that work?

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if the bank does not issue regular statements, I am sure the letter will be fine.
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aside from bank statement, what else can be used for settlement funds?

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