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Subject: wrong class?
I applied for permanent residence for me and my spouse (1 application including us both) under the economic i.e. skilled worker category. Today I received my AOR and it said that they have received my application and hav put me under a family class application....saying it will take 6 months to process....significantly shorter than the time frames on the web and in other forums etc...
My question is should I alert them to the fact that I ticked the skilled worker category on my form and not the family category or wait for them to process it (when they will dicover this error)? do they put people under another class someimes to ´speed´ the application up (e.g. if all documentation is provided) or is it because I have a spouse (but my spouse is NOT a citizen or resident of canada)....what do people think??

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if your spouse is NOT a citizen or even a resident of canada, you definately need to clear this up with cic otherwise your file will be delayed for a mistake on their part!!
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if one of you is a Canadian citizen then the change of class is welcome news. If niether of you are Canadian - they have messed up big time.
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