RPRF payable in USD - how much?

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Subject: RPRF payable in USD - how much?
  I know that the landing fee has been reduced to CAD490.00
Since I will pay it in the US directly to the consulate, there is the option to pay in either USD or CAD.
Does anybody know what the new fee is in USD as the consulate´s page is not updated and I want to send in the fee.

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Conversion rates are always changing on a daily basis. Just tell your bank in the US that you need a certified or cashier´s check of CAD490. Your bank will tell you how much USD you need to give to the bank based on the current conversion rate and issue you a check in CAD.
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Thanks for your reply. Actually the consulate sets an official fee (the last time it was updated was Dec. 1, 2004) for payment in USD. That is why you have to know the exact amount. I think that they take an average of the exchange rate over a certain period of time and set fixed amounts in USD. Anyway, I wrote an email to Detroit yesterday and here is the response:

(In my option Detroit has been very efficient and professional)


We apologize for the delay in answering your enquiry. The new RPRF was changed on May 3rd to $490 CAN or $445 US. Our web site will be updated shortly.

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RPRF amount (in reply to: RPRF payable in USD - how much?)
I´m sponsoring my Mom from India & i have got a letter to pay RPRF. I don´t know how much do I have to pay.
please let me know tha exact amount & how should it be paid.

Kajal Ambwani
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