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Subject: Baby born in Canada
  I am applying thru Buffalo as a skilled worker. I have a new born baby in Canada. I notified Buffalo about the baby. They told me that I need to send the birth certificate to them. I came to know that the birth certificate takes 2 to 3 months to be issued (including the time of registration).

My question is: Is CIC going to put my case on hold till I send them a copy of the birth certificate? And is there another document I can send to CIC that is of equivalent to the birth certificate?

My timeline is:
Applied March 2004
Add wife to the application November 2004
Med + interview waiver sent Agust 2005
Interview letter sent on February 2006
Interview date April 2006
New baby born in Canada on the same day of the interview...

I hope that will not delay the application. I was hoping that right after I do the interview the visa will be issued in two weeks or so.

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Did you go for the interview? Where was the interview, and what was it for?
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Yes i did. It was in Buffalo and It was security interview.
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