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Subject: medical
I did my medical on february but the e client is still silent abt it. Is there a way to find out if my medical has reached where it is supposed to reach?

appl 2004 dec
aor march 2005
IA march 2006
Medical Feb 2006

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We did our medical February 2006 and they were posted by Ottawa on March 28th 2006.

My suggestion is to talk to your MP and find out what the problem is.

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
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your medicals are probably reached Ottawa, but they will be asknowledged in e-CAS only when background or other type of checking is complete. I think it´s too earlier to contact MP, rather send e-mail to Buffalo enquiring about the status of your case or order the CAIPS to find it out by yourself.
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I agree with u hell, its too early to talk to MP. However, it doesnot hurt to find a way to figure out whether my med reached Ottawa or not.

Do you guys know whether ordering CAIPS hurt the application process? I mean, repeated communication with buffalo/detroit people seem to annoy them. Is it similar with CAIPS note? Thanks in advance.

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I did my medicals on 3rd feb and they reached ottawa on 6th March(I know it as i had the tracking number from my DMP). My eclient status has also not changed since then.

Do you remember the exact dates when u did your medicals.

Lets hope that it changes this coming monday....

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i dunno...we talked to our MP 5 weeks after the medical. They called Buffalo at the end of March, and poof, there was my medical. As for the other checks, they are only completed after the medical is posted by Ottawa on their system. Nothing is sent to Buffalo from Ottawa. It is posted, and they (buffalo) will take that info off..and attach to your application.

We got our letter for the passport 2 weeks later. No background check needed. ...all because our MP stepped in on our behalf.
Your choice, but what can it hurt if you do call them and ask for them to make the direct call to your IO? What´s the worst that can happen? They say no. The best, is that they say ..."oh yeah, here it is. we didn´t get that but we´ll pull the file and get that attached"

Your choice.

waiting and waiting (landing this month)

waiting and waiting

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