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I am an international student in canada and am getting married to a Permanent Resident of Canada in July. It would be extremely kind of you to answer these:

1) How much minimum annual income does my would-be-wife has to show in the past year to qualify to sponsor me for spusal immigration? and if she doesn´t have that much income then can somebody else like her relative sponsor me too?

2) I know my would-be wife from the last one year and have photographic evidence to prove our meetings at different functions and also have phone bills where it shows that we have talked for long everyday but the marriage ceremony would be very simple because of the death of my two immediate family members two months ago, so due to cultural beliefs we will refrain from making a pomp and show of the ceremony. Would that be a good reason to mention on the application, would it make sense to the immigration officer?

3) I am on student permit here but I am originally from Asia, after doing the court marriage here in Canada, I want to go back and can i apply with all the documents from back home as the processing time is very fast from there compared to within canada. Can I do that, but during that time my wife would be in Canada?

4) Could anyone please tell me about a fine immigration lawyer and how much would he/she approximately cost to file my case for spousal immigration?

Thanks for your kindness in advance,
:) Roy

Hi Roy,

your wife does not need min income as this does not apply for spousal sponsorships - as long as she is not on welfare or social assistance..

nake sure to send alot of evidence and also include a letter to explain why you had a small ceremony - also include letters from close family and friends to show that they know about your relationship and support it ..

you can go back and your wife can file the application for outside spousal sponsorship while she remains in canada - she must remain in canada as she is only a PR and not a citizen - only citizens can sponsor a spouse and Not live in canada while sponsoring ..

my lawyer charged me $2000 and i ended up firing her because of the way she filled out our info, our file was delayed for 3 months only due to her errors and mis-guidance - i have read a number of people having had similar issues with consultants and lawyers..its a waste of money as the forms are very easy to fill out by yourself as long as you properly follow the manuels and checklists on the cic website and in the application..

and if you have any questions, feel free to ask as these forums can be a wealth of free advice and support!!

you are very very kind and i am really grateful.

my only problem is that she and her family is a resident of quebec but she will be moving in with me to toronto when we get married, so i don´t know if i still have to go through the quebec clearance process for sponsorship or can i skip it? thanks once again!

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My fience and I plan to get married in july and live in Toronto. I am a Canadian citizen, but he lives in Europe. We are both students, and therefore broke. So going through a lawyer is not an option. Can anyone tell me how long it would take for us to be reunited? I am afraid that it might take something like a year and I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me advice on how to speed up the process. We have already been appart for too long. Please, some advice would be a great help for us!
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