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Subject: illigal in USA
I have a question. I have been for 3 years out of status (F-1) in the USA. Will it affect on submission of my appication form for PR in Canada?
Will this issue show up upon FBI clearance?

Thx you

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FBI looks for criminal records only.
But during application, you will need to give all Visa details, place of stay etc.

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I think you just have to show, if htey ask you, you entried in the US legally, and then I guess that´s it, but well the FBI doesn´t show you are legal or not, so don´t worry about it,
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My partner overstayed in US from Thailand for six years and when we landed in Canada there was no questions asked. The border CIC officer just remarked that my partner´s visa had expired. We just remained silent. Everything was fine.
The fact you overstay will not show on FBI record.

However, you need to mark clearly on your Visa Status
the following "F-1 Overstay". Of course, that is the reason you have not worked while in US and the CIC will want to know.

However, no worries.

Good luck. Worth the wait.


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