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Subject: letter with passport request
  I?m interested how passport request letter looks like. Is there any mention of visa approval or just classical:
?This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada. We require the following information?.?.

I am asking because I got email from embassy to send a passport and payment of RPRF
Nothing about their decision.


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That´s it. You got it.

Could you post your timeline please.

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congrats! no interview for you!

it´s just a standard statement as you mentioned, they don´t say anything about the decision ..

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Could u please post ur timeline... congrats that it man
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Thanks for replies.

This is timeline:

Sent documentation on 01. feb 2005

After three days, I received letter with file number and note that usual processing time for my type of application is one year or more.

One year pass and nothing happened so I sent a letter to remind them about my case.

After two weeks letter came where I was instructed to do medical exam and to send a copy of military booklet. I did everything in another one month. Date 03.2006

Two weeks after that letter from embassy again. They want to send them a new police certificate. I did it in another three weeks. Date 04.2006.

After two weeks I got email to send passport and payment of RPRF. Date 05.2006

Today (08.05.2006) I am sending passport and certificate from bank.

I have applied at embassy in Vienna, since I am from Serbia.

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