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Subject: April - May 2005 Applicants
I am studnet in canada. I applied in Buffalo in early May 2005 and received a reference number at the Middle of May. Is there anybody applied that time asked to do the medial? thanks a lot

April - May 2005 Applicants (in reply to: April - May 2005 Applicants)
Where is your file now? Did it get transfered?
I applied in middle May last year in canada as SW as well. So far nothing was received except for a refference number.

File still in Buffalo (in reply to: April - May 2005 Applicants)
Thanks Maggie
I did not recieve any transfer notice from buffalo. It seems to me it is still in Buffalo. It is almost a year, no response from buffalo. Little bit frustrate.

Don't lose hope! (in reply to: April - May 2005 Applicants)
I´m applying for my Skilled Worker visa through Buffalo. My AOR is mid-May 2005 and I haven´t heard anything back yet. I too am getting antsy, but I also know that I really shouldn´t expect to hear anything til the end of this month, at the earliest. It seems that Buffalo is taking about one year between AOR and IA for a lot of applications.
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applied April 2005
AOR May 2005
Xfer to LA March 2006
IA waiting...

April-May 2005 applicants (in reply to: April - May 2005 Applicants)
We applied in May 2005 for our Skilled Worker visa through Rome (Italy). AOR received immediately (we are a family, three persons, italian citizens).
No news until now, but we have requested and received our CAIPS file that shows a bring forward date due to 1st of June for a "PS2" (I think it means "paper screening 2").
We keep our finger crossed: according to most, the whole process takes two years, but we really hope we won´t have to wait for another year.

best wishes


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