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Subject: US work permit
  I just landed here at Canada Feb 18,2006 as immigrant under federal skilled worker.Prior to my arrival i was granted a US work permit back in the Philippines but opt to immigrate here first at Canada.My US employer is still interested in employing me and would like to know if i still wanted the job since my work permit is still valid at this time.My problem is this, if i will consider working at US, would it affect my status here at Canada as permanent resident considering that i´ve been here for only a few months?Your advice will be highly appreciated.thank you..
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Nope. If you still are welcome in the US, just go. Make sure you keep in mind you may have to return to Canada after a number of years to keep your status here. I also advise you to look for US green card. If your job becomes long term, you might as well live there for good.
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