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Subject: Self employed immigration as media coordinator
  As a skilled worker I have no chance due to age. But I saw Self Employed category and would like to clarify on the following:

1-Along with my regular job, I have orgnised many cultural events for the community in my native language that is Hindi/Urdu. As there are lot of Canadians originally from Indian and Pakistanis, I would like to establish a firm to have these events in Canada. Will this experience and intention be considered in this category?

2-I am diabetic and take oral insulin to control it. Is this a problem for medical check up?

Hope to receive your attention in time.



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I will talk from a Vancouver market perspective. The ethnic marketing/cultural industry is fairly well established. You might want to investigate how much potential business you might be able to secure. It could be a tough market to break into.

Not sure how CIC considered the criteria for this category of immigration so I will leave that part to someone else.

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