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Subject: CAIPS
I keep seeing the reference to CAIPS. How do I order one?

Any idea on back ground check - when is it being done, how long it takes etc. I have stayed in US and India.

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Hi Harry,
my advice is to refer yourself to the following link:

you will find all information you need about CAIPS, the possibility of requesting it and a really kind and supporting service.

best wishes

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it is free from the cic website :

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I am thinking of ordering CAIPS myself as I want to know whether they received my medicals which I did on the first week of March. I have two questions.
1. Will ordering CAIPS when it is deemed unnecessary hurt my application process? (Will it some how takes the time of the officer in detroit and annoys the crap out of him?)

2. In addition to CAIPS, can I also check the boxes for medical file and X ray files in the "Access to information and personal information request" form? I just wanna know I am at the pinnacle of my health:-)

Applied to Buffalo in 2004 Dec
AOR March 2005
Transferred to Detroit Jan 2006
IA 2006 Feb (Interview waived)
Medical March 2006
Came to Canada in work permit 2006 April
Anticipating the miracle (PP request) May 2006

PlZ HELP, thanks

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Thanks guys. You guys are just great.

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no it will not negatively effect your application in any way - the officer is not the one that prints the caips notes - it is just an admin person that prints the notes off in ottawa and then they are sent to you ..

if you order ANY FILES, it will delay the processing of your case as they will literally pick up and mail you the files which means the IO now does not have access to your info ..


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