new applicants...need help!

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Subject: new applicants...need help!

My husband and I have finally decided to go ahead with our immigration process. I have downloaded all the forms and information off the net. But had some questions:

1) Is it ok if we apply on our own, or do or is necessary/better going thru a lawyer/consultant?

2) The forms don´t specify it, but wanted to know if one needs to attest the birth, marriage and graduation certificates (I am an Indian, residing in the UAE)or non-attested certificates are acceptable?

3) Unclear on the request for employment contracts and reference letters from past employers: does this include all the past employers u´ve had, or just the last one? What if one can´t source all the old guys??

4) Do both of us have to take the IELTS test or just the primamry applicant? Also my husband is an English writer with an ad agency. Should he take it too?

These are all the questions I can think of right now. Please do give me ur inputs.

Appreciate it!

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1) ok to aplly urself
2) better to attest
3) includes all employees
4) primary applicant gives ILETS

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1) It is ok to apply on your own.If you find the process too complex you can have an agency do it for you. I did it myself.

2) Not necessary, unless the certificates are in another language; then you will have to get them translated and certified.

3)Includes all employers; if you are not able to provide proof for all of them provide some explanation. (Make sure you provide documentary proof for atleast the number of years you are claiming expfor)

4)Only primary applicant needs to take IELTS

Hope this helps,

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Thanks so much.

Also where does one get the employer letters/contracts notarized? I mean can we do it here in the UAE, even though the letters are from India, or do we have to get them notarized in India itself??

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