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  I started a thread called TO DO OR NOT TO. This is in reply to some of the comments posted on that thread.

I thought this site was getting help from people who are going thru a similar situation, or who have been thru a situation like urs. Didn?t need to get bombarded by vulgar comments, and mean stuff. I genuinely had a question, and I asked it. Sorry to disappoint most of u, but I am NOT a lawyer. I am a well-educated housewife, who is doing a bit of research, before she heads out and starts the lengthy immigration process.

Yes I have seen the CIC site, yes I have downloaded all the forms, yes I have the guides, but even then, there are several things which are not clear. Does one need to notarize the copies of ones transcripts and degree, how does one procure a police clearance if one doesn?t reside in the country of citizenship, and so many more. The process is in itself an expensive one, and I don?t want to miss out on something. And most of the people I know, have all used an agent to get the process done. So I can?t ask them these things. I know several of u have done the process urself, so was hoping for ur valuable comments.

Anyway, I thought this site was for people who needed help, and people who were doing a wonderful job of providing it. I am sorry to say, but I was mistaken.

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try roadtocanada.com - it´s a moderated forum with very helpful people
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Hi Samina,

Are you from Pakistan. I did apply from Pakistan and without any help from any consultant. I have completed pretty much all the steps. I can answer your questions if you have applied from Islamabad CHC.

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Hi, Samina,

Sorry for your bad experience. I was told to notarize copies of my degrees, the transcripts were sent to me in sealed envelopes from the institutions, which I then sent to CIC. I told the colleges that I needed OFFICIAL, sealed transcripts, as differentiated from unofficial, student copies, which you need to specify when contacting colleges.
You can also find a lot of stuff you need by using the search link on this site. e.g., police clearance certificates. There are also very helpful people here but like everywhere, some not helpful. Good luck in your dream and don´t give up.


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