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Subject: Querries about Canada immigration application
  I am an Education Officer of Mauritian nationality. I am presently on a study leave and came to India to undertake my full time studies in Ma Educational Administration from an American University, called Andrews University. Since I am not having recourse to the use of a representative for my application for Canada immigration, I am hereby facing some problem, in the form of lack of information about procedures. Can anybody help me?
1. I cannot send the original letters from my current employer, providing information required for immigration, will photocopies of them do? Can I get them notarized in India? Any notary will do?
2. For the proof of language proficiency, I am bilingual- I have been using both English and French and have excellent academic results, as proved by my educational certificates. It is well known that in my country, French is taught to us right from kindergarten and throughout the whole of our education cycle and the medium of instruction for other subjects like science, mathematics, social studies is English, do I still need to go for further language tests?
I thank you in advance for replying!

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Regarding point #1

Notarized employment Contracts that are notarized are notarized. Some people who have been legally admitted into another country can apply at hat countries visa post so of course as long as the contracts are notarized. You should also explain why you are unable to get original letters of employment.

Regarding point #2 It depends on many factors but if you explain in detail they may over look the need for language tests.

Language is such a huge point getter and if you are really fluent in both official languages it may be a very positive thing to do. Its only money but could really speed up your application.

Also you may want to look at different PNP programs. Not all provinces PNP are equal.


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My advice would be to apply from Mauritius and not India -- it would probably take far less time that way, from what I´ve heard about the wait in India... Mauritus applications get processed in Kenya as far as I know.
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