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Subject: PPR Recieved at last
  Today I recieved PPR request from CHC london office.
Applied in July 2003 to London office
Medical done on feb 09 2006
ROLF sent on 19 Mar 2006
Would be going to Canadian Embassy abudhabi on 18/05/2006 to submit passports for me and family for visa stamping which will take about 3 weeks to get back passports.
There were some delays from my side in submitting some documents otherwise this procedure could have completed one year before.
I applied at my own. A piece of advise to all those who want to apply themselves to complete the application in a nice manner and to submit all the required documents at the earliest and there will be no problem if you meet the minimum 67 points requirment

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Congratulations Nadeem, I am happy for you,I hope to follow you soon and receive PPR, I have received Medical& ROLF request without any IA , does Medical& ROLF request means I am accepted in the IA and no interview required?
Was e-case status changed after medical ?
my time line as follows:-

CHC London
Applied Dec 2003
AOR Feb 2004
Medical Req & sent 17th Mar 2006
ROLF sent Mar 2006
Still waiting for PPR


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You can expect PPR request within 2months of sending medical result and ROLF. Once you recieved request for medical and ROLF it means interview is waived as in my case.
My e-case still showing In Process.
I will be sending passports to london office by DHL in a couple of days. They have asked two photographs of each family member and hope to get back passports within 30days.

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Thank you very much Nadeem , wish you good luck
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Dear Nadeem

In your last post you mentioned that you will be sending passports to London, whereas earlier you stated that you will be submitting at Abu Dhabi office. Is it not possible to submit at Abu Dhabi? Pls advise.

Can you also let me know whether your IELTS scores were 7 or above in all categories? Could this be reason for interview waiver?

Thanks & regards

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Dear Zain
Earlier I was under the impression that I can send passports directly to abudhabi but later I came to know that first london office will send instructions to abudhabi office within one month and then abudhabi office will call us to deliver passports.
Then I thought why not to send passports direct to london office.
Now I have again decided to send instruction letter and pp copies and photographs to london office and let them to send immigration visas to abudhabi office coz in this way there is no risk of passport loss since in abudhabi office we will hand over passports ourselves.
My overall IELTS score was 6.5.
I think I wrote in the application a very detailed job description of my profession which is Pharmacy that is why they waived my interview.
Thansk and any other information is welcome.
Bye Nadeem

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