Medicals received (XFER to NY)

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Subject: Medicals received (XFER to NY)
  Hello guys,

I want to update my status:
App: Feb 05
Aor: Mar 05
Xfer: Feb 06 (NY)
Medicals: Mar 06
Medicals received: May 06 (Today e-cas changed)

How long do you think would it take for PPR? And how much time would they give me to send my passport? I will be in and out US for the next 2-3 months and can´t send my passport since as I understand it might take upto one month for stamping.


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congrats man

do u remenber the exact date when u did ur medicals and when they reached ottawa..

Mine reached ottawa on 6th March....
but still there is no change in the status

SW Buffalo

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NY Office is pretty impressive. I bet you´ll hear from them in less than 3 weeks. Congratulations. Great news!
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As far as I remember, the doctor appointment was in the 1st week of March. And the results were fedexed around mid-March. I suppose yours should get finalized pretty soon.

Best of luck to all of us.


PS I would really appreciate if someone would let me know the validty of the PPR requests.

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PPR have to be completed before expiry of medicals and you have to enter canada before medicals expire. Medicals are valid upto one year.


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Congratulations rookie!!

My timeline is very similiar to yours so hopefully I will get mine soon too.

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Thanks guys. Good news. PPR request also received today from the mail.

I found the answer to my question myself. They give only 60 days to send your passport. They also say that they will mail it back in 30 days once you send it.

So, now I am hesitant to send my passport as I will be abroad next week and come back not before 60 days. What would you guys recommend?

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Try asking for extension. If you don´t want to risk it make the best choice.


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