It pays to speak up.

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Subject: It pays to speak up.
  The immigration office at Mexico city received my file under family class on Nov. 22 2005. On january I got the police clearances, and on March I attended an interview. Up until May 10, I didnt receive any more mail from the embassy, or requests for more documents.

I faxed them on may the 10th telling them that I havent got any mail from them since my interview, and believe it or not, the very next day, on may 11th, they faxed me the passport request.

It makes me wonder if they forgot about the file for a while and it was just sitting there waiting until I contacted them. or could it have been a concidence? I don´t know.

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I think things get buried under the mountain. I just look at my desk at work, and sometimes, when I clean it, things appear that are embarrassingly old.

I think a call/fax/email, reminds them that things on the bottom are older than those on top, and probably more important.

my thoughts anyway

waiting and longer..sigh

waiting and waiting
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