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Folks -

Apart from the COPR, passports, and available funds, what other documents do I need to carry for landing? Photos?

help appreciated.

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Hi, may I ask if you are the same person who was required to submit EITLS a couple of months ago from Colombia? Are you in your way to Canada??? If so, WOW, I am so happy for you!!!
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2 copies each of your household goods you intend to move now and later. Also any car registration papers and pet certification/rabies documents, as applicable.
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You need to download the B4 form which lists the items you will be bringing to canada. There is also a form that you can bring with you that lists the items you will bring later.

Go to Canada Border Services Agency web site
B4A "Personal Effects Accounting Document"

waiting and longer

waiting and waiting
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Immigration wise all what you need is your visa which will placed on your Passport and yuou CORP.
Pictures if requeried they will be taken at the Immgration office in most major Canadian airports.

You will need a Customs declaration form that you may download on-line.

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Thanks for answering.
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hi, can anyone tell me how long it will take for NY consulate to send back the passports with visa and COPR document? they have received my package on dec 10, 2012 and i am still waiting for it.

really appreciate if someone can share their experience.


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