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Subject: education piont calculation
  Hi everyone. I confuse about this calculated point. may be i am not very good in English. could anyone help me to make clear this statement "You have a two-year diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship and at least 14 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study. - 20 pionts"

my situation:
I was not attend fulltime when i study elementary, high school. but i did finished at night time. it means regulary from elementary to highschool should be 18 years of study. but i get only 7 years to completed from elementary to high school. and i studied in canada at techonolgy school in two - year diploma.

my question is how can i count for my education mark. is it i can get 20 pionts if i have two-year diploma or i have to have two-year diploma plus 24 years of study which inclued the highschool and elemetary school? if not, how many marks i can get.

thank yopu for all helping me to answer my question

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Seems curious to have attended elementery and high school at night or part time. How did that happen? But in any event, if you successfully completed elementary and high school with diplomas from each, I would count that as if normally completed. As they say, "full time or full-time equivalent" study. This seems to me to be "full-time equivalent".

If your English is at a level where you have difficulty undertanding these instructions, it could be a problem for you. They expect applicants to have functional understanding, reading, and speaking abiliity in English.

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Also, if English is an issue please make sure you are able to back-up with proof the points you claim under langauge ability to make up to the 67 pass-mark.


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Thank you very much for your help. I am preparing IELTS test. Will take a test before i apply. Thank you

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This is education system where i live (Vietnam).when who pass their study age (6 - 12 for elementary, 13 - 15 junior high and 16 - 18 senior high school). Because I was late to attened the regular study age (when i was 12) so I had to study night time or part time. the class only open for who want to finish their highschool but who past their study age. the set up the time shorter than regular one , they want us to catch up when we finish.
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