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Subject: Open Work Visa
Simple question: Can someone with an open work visa leave Canada and come back?
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What is open-work visa ?


PERMIT (in reply to: Open Work Visa)
no such thing as a work visa. visa is a "pass" allowig one to ask for admission into Canada. a permit is CIC allowing you to work or study in Canada.
question of entry/re-entry has to do with the visa not the permit.
do u need a visa to enter canada? if yes, than check if it is for multiple entries. if it is not then u may need one to re-enter canada

Medical Costs in Canada/SF (in reply to: Open Work Visa)
Hello All,

I got my medicals notice today from LA. They gave us 120 days for the medicals. I tried the 2 available San Francisco doctors and found both of their phone numbers does not work or they moved their office. What to do now?

I will be visiting Vancouver/Victoria/Lower Mainland(BC) in the month of June. Is it less expensive to do the medicals there in Canada or in San Francisco? Please let me know your ideas.

Thanks much

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WTF, you shouldn´t talk if you don´t know what you are talking about.

Dear Anonymous,

Do you mean an open work permit?
If yes..
Your work permit if you read what it says at the very end of the sheet clearly says "Does not authorize to re-enter".

Even though if you have a multiple entry visa be aware that a visa does not guarantee your admission into Canada.
And if you do not a visa to enter Canada, is up to the Canadian Immigration officer you entry.

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Open permit is only for refugees who application is in process not for SW´s
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if your destination is U.S, you do not need visitor visa to come back to Canada, work permit/study permit is fine
departure bay
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I meant open work permit.

My question is, if I have an open work permit but still waiting for PR, can I leave Canada and come back?

I know it says "does not authorize re-entry" but a student visa says that too, and I can travel freely with that one.

Does anyone understand what I´m talking about?

open work permit (in reply to: Open Work Visa)
im a live in caregiver how long it will take to get my open work permit..i just submitted it this last week of july as well may permanet residence application..can someone answer this pls..thanks and godbless
canadian open work permit visa (in reply to: Open Work Visa)
hello sir ,
i just only want to ask this i just recieved my open work permit visa under sponsorship spouse inside canada i want to work do i still need to get an LMO even though i have an open work visa permit?hope you can help me regarding this matter.thanks and best regards


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