Do they call references?

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Subject: Do they call references?
Does CIC call references stated in the employment reference letters?
Does anyone know what kind of questions will they ask?
Is that one point in their overall background check?

thank you.

Do they call references?
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The reason I asked this question is the person who gave the reference letter in our company has joined another company.

Do they call references?
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sometimes they do , sometimes the don´t nobody really knows unless someone whose reference was actually called can throw some light on this topic.


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I signed the release my personal information form from my employer, which is a 8000 unionlized company, allows my employer to release my personal information to CIC only. Canadian privacy law prohibits my employer release any personal information including T4, offer letter, SIN to any third party.

Even I did so, cic seems never checked my reference, don´t know why!!!????? WTF???
how hard to verify my work history??

Applied Nov, 2004
Aor March 09, 2005


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