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Subject: We finally got it
  After a wait of over 2 years, we finally got everything we need. Our passport arrived today, and we´ll be landing in Canada this weekend.

BTW, when the passport arrived, so did all the photos and stuff we mailed with the application. How wonderful because the photocopies of cards and letters, aren´t the same.

Just thought you guys should know, that the immigration fairy does come every so often.

Good luck to all of you.

waiting and waiting...finally over...sigh

waiting and waiting
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Congratulations!!! Could you please answer me this question? after your did your medicals the second time, how long after that to get the PPR? Thx!
Congrats (in reply to: We finally got it)
hi waiting and waiting ..

three cheers to your comepletin of the process and happy landing ..

Did they give back all the documents ??
do visit and provide us wit hthe landing experience ...

congrats again

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We did our medical in February..it was sent to ottawa Feb 28. It was posted March 28th. We were sent our PPR in the middle of April, but only after a call from our MP.We sent it off May 1st., and it arrived today. 10 business days. After a check up call from our MP.

Ty harp....they gave us back everything..our pictures, emails, letter, cards ..everything came in a separate envelope..and to be honest with you..
When i initially sent the darn thing off...in 2004, i´d forgotten to put the pictures into the folder!!! I had to send it separately! and then...jeez, i forgot to put the file number on the darn thing! It was just me being nervous and scared over how much was at stake. The person at the post office would not let me add it...gr so i had to send separately.

When we land, i´ll come back and tell you guys everything that happened. Hopefully it´ll help everyone to have someone describe everything. Our luck..it´ll be hard and long...just like the immigration process itself..lol

Hope this helps guys.

waiting and waiting ...no longer

waiting and waiting
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congrats man

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Thanks for clarifying and again congrats!
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what was your timeline for the whole thing? it would help us to know. The time between your medicals sent and PPR is just a few months, which is real good for you and I hope it´s like this for everyone.

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I don´t know all the short forms. Sponsorship under conjugal

Applied mississauga April 2004
Sent back for forms May 2004
Affidavit signed for not medically testing non accompanying children
Approved for sponsor May 2004
Sent to Buffalo..started processing August 2004
Nothing for almost a year
October 2005 letter asking for the medicals of non accompanying children
Got our MP involved...new form to not medically test non accompanying children
February 2, 2006 Second medical done
Posted in Ottawa - March 28
PPR (i know that one) April 2006
Passport sent to Buffalo May 1st 2006
Returned May 14th
Landing May 21st

How´s that ....lol..oh i don´t know ...26 months of waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting no longer

waiting and waiting
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