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Subject: Dual Intent
  Just a quick question , Iam on a work permit(Software Pilot Program) in Canada , I just applied for my permanent residency last year (Aug 2005)..,My work permit is about to expire in 2 mths time , when I renew(extend) it , will I get into a problem as they might consider a dual intent in my case.

Your advise would be much appreciated ..

it should be ok (in reply to: Dual Intent)
Dual intent is ok.
as long the PR application is off shore (which is I believe).
extend your work permit via vegreville. they don´t even ask about that. if you were to make a dual intent at the port of entry then that maybe a problem.
a person may have different applications for different things with CIC (cannot have two application for PR in teh same class) I have seen an applicant with PR application under economic class and one under family class.

workpermit and PR applications are two different classes. when u apply for a work permit you state that you will remain temporarly in Canada. your PR application is not a declaration that you will remain in canada permanently. it is a request.

good luck

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