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Subject: Medical Costs in Canada/SF
  Hello All,

I got my medicals notice today from LA. They gave us 120 days for the medicals. I tried the 2 available San Francisco doctors and found both of their phone numbers does not work or they moved their office. What to do now?

I will be visiting Vancouver/Victoria/Lower Mainland(BC) in the month of June. Is it less expensive to do the medicals there in Canada or in San Francisco? Please let me know your ideas.

Thanks much

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around $200CAD in vancouver area
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I just called some Doctors in SF and they charge around US$1000 for the family medical. I tried calling some doctors in Vancouver,BC area and found that they charge between C$500 to C$750...much much cheaper than the US rates.

Since I will be visiting Vancouver next month, is it okay to do medicals there in Vancouver? What are the negative aspects of doing medicals in Vancouver,BC?

Any inputs appreciated.

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