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Subject: Need Practice Material - IELTS
I have tried to open the russian site but unfortunately unable to do so. Guys, please can you recommend some sites that i can practice. My test is on 25th. Thanks
Get it from the center you registered for IELTS (in reply to: Need Practice Material - IELTS)
You should be able to buy the practice test from the center where you register to take your IELTS test
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Dear George,
I had the same dellima looking for IELTS material,although i bought a nice book with answer sheet,but i have finisned it early since it has 4 tests,and i think that i would like to practise more.
Thanks to Candice,she told me about the russian website,i myself had to download winrar software to open it.
Now i have five General training tests from the site.
If you couldn´t download the material give me your email,and i will try to send them as attached.
I wish you all the best.

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Do a google search. There are so many materials available on the net these days. Sometimes back I came across an excellent Russian site. Audios and books were available there. (sorry I do not remember the name). Please do a google serach. You will definetely find them.



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