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as we all patiently wait for CIC to verify the authenticity of our documents.


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Because of such proposals many honest people should wait for a long time. But those who play the dirty game then become outsiders for the rest of their life.
This is the case when is better to think first.

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I don;t know how on the earfth they can run the site.I just have google´d and found something about this site. Check out ...


Believe it or not, I found in another site some fool really really bought their fake stuff and complaining how he was fooled to buy "fake" stuff. How moron one could be.

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Perfect. A screen capture of this post, including URL and IP address has just been sent to the RCMP.

Have a great day :)

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I´m so excited about this company. At last I can get my Ph.D diploma to give me enough points to emmigrate to Canada. I´m getting sick of this damn job and damn country where nobody appreciates the hard work I´m doing in spreading democracy. I might just run for prime minister and teach Canadians a thing or two about torturing prisoners and dropping bombs on evil peoples. The Canadians are such wimps! Does the medical exam require a mental evaluation? I´m afraid they might diagnose me with a funny name, like psychopath or wacko. Any help would be appreciated, you guys. Also, does the MD look in your ears?I keep getting lots of wax which one doc says keeps pressing on my brain.
G.W. Bush
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Hey everybody,
Don?t be upset, no one can use these fake degrees.

This is not a new concept and these businesses are completely legal. They are as valuable as toilet paper, except they are thick paper, hard to wipe your ass.

Some Canadian immigration officers are lazy and not qualified for the positions; however, they are not stupid.
They verify the certificate before they award points for education.

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Heheheh Printing guys you made my day lol never seen illegality being advertised... good one ...

By the way folks have some sense of humour no need to be angry remember fake documents are like those fake plastic ladies... never give the real pleasure ...

Hey Printing service guys can you please make a copy of Bush ? I need him urgently wanna pee over him ...

Thanks ...

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