Did this happen to anyone?

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Subject: Did this happen to anyone?
  Hi there,
I had submitted the last set of documents (proof of funds) including RPRF (975 CAD)in the last week of april. Today my lawyer received a letter from CIC NY asking for the revised fee of 490. they returned the old money order. So i will be sending them the new RPRF. Has this happened to anyone before. What am i supposed to infer...Am i really colse to getting my PPR after submitting the revised RPRF?

any comments please..

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I sent US$890 (for 2 people US$445 + 445) on 05/09 as specified on www.seattle.gc.ca. (New fee structure is effective from 05/08)
I also sent a mail to Seattle asking if I have paid the correct amount. They responded that I paid the correct amount and they will send further instruction once they receive results of medical examination.

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Well, all they are asking is the correct fee from you. Depends, if your application is in NY you should should get your PPR withing 2 months, not sure about other visa offices.


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