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Subject: Canadian Residency app (Police certificate require
  I am residing in usa and working here as a software engineer on H1B.
I have a question regarding the police clearance certificate requirement for canadian residency applciation.
I want to know, if these certificates have to be submitted right away with the application, or they will be
requested later on in the application process by the canadian consulate.
Should I obtain the police certificates and FBI finger prints and submit them with my application, or can i
submit my application without these things at this time, and later on submit them.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


Police certificate (in reply to: Canadian Residency app (Police certificate require)
I was only required to submit my police certificate and FBI fingerprints after my medical. The embassy will give you a letter which you will forward to the respective agencies where you will have to acquire the certificates.If you are still on your initial stage of application, i guess you can submit them later when the embassy request you so.
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