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Subject: My Timeline (Buffalo)
  In Canada applicant - skilled worker class - applied through Buffalo

Applied: Mid Nov 2004
AOR: Mar 4, 2005
IA: Dec 30, 2005
Medical: Jan 2006
PPR: April 12, 2006
VISA: May 16, 2006
Landed: May 17, 2006

Thanks everyone in this forum for valuable information and wish you all the best!

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James, congrats, could you let us know when in the process did you do the finger prints verification process?

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nevermind, I thought you are in U.S.
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Congradulations! Good for you!
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I applied on Nov, 2004, AOR march 05,
no IA yet

departure bay
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Poor DB... I think you need to take additional steps to get your paperwork moving again! Something is fishy if your IA is held up this long. Are you aware whatever your prob might be? Or just waiting to hear from them? Good luck anyways.
hello need help regrading acronyms (in reply to: My Timeline (Buffalo))
today i sent my papers to canadian immigration office london. can anyone explain to me the abbreviation all of you are using when writing timeline thanx
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