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Subject: New Immigration Discussion Board
New Immigration discussion form was established to discuss all your related and immigration problems at:

I am going to the new board (in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)
I will go to this new board, because this board is moderated without the chet posted here. We need a clear advise for immigration.

(in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)
This one is interesting also. I like to keep an eye on both sites as what you may not find on one you may find on the other.

Claudia has immigration connections and is extremely knowledgable on the subject.

Re (in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)
We invite memebrs of this board to join us at:
This board is spam moderated and all members will share their IDEA´s, time line, problems, etc.....

This board built to guide you till your final immigration process.

Good luck to all of you,

ICU Immigration webmaster

ICU Immigration
ICU New Website (Joke) (in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)
I was curious and went into this site -

2 topics
5 posts
3 members

The site was esablished yesterday, come on ICU:

Quote: ´This board built to guide you till your final immigration process. "

Think I´ll stick with the ones I know best thanks! This site did have some problems a few months ago, but overall I think it´s informative and everyone is here to help eachother.

If you are as you say, a reputable Immigration Consultancy Company, then, why do feel the need to keep coming here in some desparate attempt to tout for clients. You have according to yourself 3 offices - surely you should be too busy working for your clients to keep coming here blowing your own trumpet.

Get over yourselves!


Re: About ICU IMMIGRATION (in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)
By the way I am one of the CLIENT of ICU Immigration. They built this board as you said DD from approx.One day or two but they have a unique service to me, however I get many usefull experience from PPL posting here not for my specfic case but for my general knowledge about migration to Canada and relocation in my future.

Thanx >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TELIOS

(in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)

I would never enlist the services of an Immigration Expert, what can they do for you that you can´t do for yourself? you can chase things up just as easily as they can and they charge through the roof rates, approx $3000, that´s just outrageous. You could fill out your own documents, leave them for a few days and go back and check them through with a friend to make sure you haven´t forgotten anything. You could use that money towards your future.

In my opinion if prospective migrants feel the need to enlist the services of a agent then let them seek out an agent, if they were a reputable firm they would have no need to be in this forum drumming up business like some door to door saleman!

HELP.................. (in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)
Je vous prie de bien vouloir m´accorder un tout petit peu de votre temps.
On m´appelle Constant AGOSSA et je suis un ?tudiant en 1?re ann?e de BTS.Ma pr?occupation est la suivante: J´aimerais bien continuer mes ?tudes au canada ap?s avoir eu mon dipl?me.
A cet effet je voudrais que vous me renseignez sur les dossiers ? fournir pour que je m´y pr?pare.

Constant AGOSSA
Good (in reply to: New Immigration Discussion Board)

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