Attorney or self apply?

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Subject: Attorney or self apply?

I am on H1b in US (indian citizen) , wanted to apply under skilled category - should i do an attorney for thsi process (they charge around 1800USD) or is the process straight enough to self apply ? what are your experiences ??

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hi Anubhat,

Please save this money for other things in your life. Hiring an attorney will only delay and complicate an otherwise simple process. If you are on H1B in US, I assume you are a well educated person(software Engineer?) and this application form is simple enough for anyone like you to fill.

Good luck

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Any save your big me at and I will help you out..send me your tel# to my email...there are some tips i want to give you to get it done super fast...liek mine happened..
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Do it yourself following the instructions from the cic site, not need for lawyers. Its fairly easy

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