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Subject: Point system - lower score???
  Hi, I would like to migrate to Canada, however I have a concern, what if I do not qualify even if I score lower than 67 points? As both my husband & I do not have jobs that are listed in the Skilled Category. However we DO have the required funds/liquidable assets to show and also have relatives residing in Canada. Please advise
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There is Investor Class category depending on the amount of funds you have. But the $ amount is fairly high. Check the CIC web site for more details.

If you don´t have eductaion/work experience in any of the SW listed skills, then yes, SW category would not work for you.

You also might try to get a job offer from a Canadian employer and then see if the employer will sponsor you for temporary and ultimately permanent residence. That might get your foot in the door at least.

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Where are you from Mr. Anonymous [**.57.127.1]??

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Debbie you cannot immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Worker class if you cannot pass the point system. It doesn´t matter if you have the money required in that class, you have to pass all the factors.
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Amen to what Pagla said!!!
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there may be some future changes to CIC requirements that might make things easier for you particularly if you hold skills in the construction industry.
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I think "Anonymous" has a very low self esteem, tts why making ´fun" of people makes him feel good. "Anonymous" when u woke up this morning and saw yrself in the mirror , did u wish u were never born .. :)


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