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Subject: Bringing my fiance to Canada
  I would like to bring my fiance to Canada from Ukraine. I would like to know the best route to go. Apparently, she would need a special visa just to visit my country. I have heard that if I were to apply for a fiancee visa it could take up to 18 months. Would it be better for me to go there and get married first? However, if that were best, I would like to have her come visit my country first so she can see where she is coming to live first. Would that be ok or possible to bring her here first to visit and then for me to go there and get married to speed the process up?
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there is no fiance class of sponsorship in Canada any longer. If she is able to get a visitors visa...that would certainly be nice... you could then marry her in Canada and begin the sponsorship process from here. Be very careful how you word the letter of invitation. There are some examples on the CIC website under temporary visas. If CIC has any sense that your girl will not leave the country at the end of her stay... they will deny her visa. Not sure about the nature of your relationship, but the sponsorship process is putting great onus on the couple to prove the integrity of the relationship. You need lots of documented proof.

Hopefully, others will add their comments and you will get a good picture of your options.

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It is better if you get married and then start the immigration process for your spouse. You did not mention if you are PR or citizen of Canada. If you are citizen you can stay with your wife in Ukraine during the immigration process BUT if you are PR you will have to return to Canada after you get married and sponsor your wife.

It will take on an average 3-12 months to process the application from Kyiv (

The only way your fiance can visit you now is if she is granted a visitor visa. If she is granted visa you can even get married in Canada and file for immigration witin Canada.

How can i get fiancee visa of Canada from Colombia (in reply to: Bringing my fiance to Canada)
I am a Colombian citizen and need to find infomation about how can I get fiancee visa of Canada from Colombia. Is that posibble or i have to visit Canada and then get marry there.

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Jacqueline Abello

Jacqueline Abello
My fiancee is in Canada (in reply to: Bringing my fiance to Canada)
I am in Pakistan My Fiancee is in canada and she wants me that i come to canada the fiorst and get marry. Can she sponsor me? If she can what is the way? If she canot what i am supposed to do for that? Becz i want to live with her as we r in a bond of love.
Plz reply me thanks.

Syed Salman Ali
I would like to bring my fiance to Canada from Ukraine! (in reply to: Bringing my fiance to Canada)
I am Canadian citizen and i would like to bring my fiance to Canada. What process i have to go through, paper work, forms and other? Plz reply me, thank you so much!
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I am in the Philippines and my boyfriend is in Canada. We really love each other and we want to start doing the process to be together. However, he is busy so much occupied with his business and no chance to get here this time to visit me in my country so we agreed that I would go to Canada and visit him and he will take care of all the fees. I want tourist VISA but they told me I must have a sufficient assets here like bank account aside from work. I dont have any accounts in Bank but of course I will get back to Philippines because I cannot live my work and I will stay only in 3 months. What kind of VISA am I getting and what are the documents I need to do to prove that I will really get back to Philippines, so I could go to Canada because I really love him?
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first, you don´t want to be coming to Canada to see your boyfriend. That is the fastest way to get your TV rejected. If you manage to get in to Canada your process choice will be Common Law application (after 1 year of living together) or spousal.

now, getting that TV - do you have a job that has you on specific holidays? bank acounts with money in it? property?

If not, you are going to have a tough time getting that visa. He better start making some holiday plans of his own.

i need urgent reply (in reply to: Bringing my fiance to Canada)
hello, i have a visitor Visa to canada, and my wife to be is there a canadian citizen, will i be allowed to marry there with the Visa?
appling fiance visa (in reply to: Bringing my fiance to Canada)
i m an immigrat in canada. but as i dun ve da nationality yet. i wud like to know ..can i still apply for a fiance visa? i want ma fiance to come here and dan he cud get da nationality wid me at da same it possible????
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no such thing as a fiance visa and no, she would not be entitled to citizenship.