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Subject: COPR-after receiving PR card
Hi , I have a question. I have received my PR card today, do i take off the COPR from my passport now?
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hey anonymous please help me out here and guide me in a detailed manner to get my PR card, i have sent in my passport to CIC Buffalo to stamp my immigrant visa, please tell me what do i need to do from here and also let me know the process of landing and what needs to be done to ensure i get the PR card, i live in the US and even if i land in canada cant be in canada for more than 2 to 3 days, thanks for your help
Got my PPR
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how long did it take to get the PR card?
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30 days
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If you know someone who lives in Canada you can provide their address for you PR to be mailed to them. Once they receive the PR card they can then send it to you in the US via fedex or UPS. Would not suggest mail.

If you don´t have friend of family in Canada then you can land, go back to the US and when you are ready to settle in Canada you will need to apply for a re-entry visa.


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