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Subject: Any feedback on this?
  my US greencard is stuck in retrogression as I fall under the EB3 category and I am from India. So right now my position is I have a 3.5 years waiting period as of today for my US greencard to be approved even though its in a very advanced stage. But I just got my PPR (have sent Passport to CIC Buffalo for stamping). So do you think I will have like 6 to 8 months time to land from today? So since I have a 3.5 year waiting period for US gc, and will be getting my Canadian PR say in about 6 months, how should I plan this out?? I am confused as hell :) Please advise. So in this scenario is it worth leaving USA for Canada or just wait 3 years to see if US visa numbers (dates) move up and then take a decision? Thanks.

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pick a country and stick with it. if you come to Canada and treat it like a temporary stop off on your way back to the US - you will have a miserable time.

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that "think" keyword is not good, you need to find out the exact info. I have heard it is 1 year that you get from the date of stamping to land. This decision is completely your own since there are pros and cons to both sides, and you would decide for yourself which one to pick. It seems like you are almost done with the canadian immigration process, the job market may not be as good as the US than Canada, but talking about the immigration process, Canada´s option is hell lot better as you are ahead in the game on that front.

While you can all wait for your GC to get approved in U.S, you are losing all that time that can benefit you should you be in Canada instead.

It may very well be the case that you would wait for another year while the GC process still up in the air, while your landing expiration date would reach. However there are also chances that your green card get approved in one year? if chances are thin then you can clearly see where you are going with that option.

Anyhow above are a few angles you can look at your situation and then make a decision. And yes no one can tell you when your GC would be done, while your canadian PR is almost done.

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Hi Anonymous

Canada gives you 2 out of 5 years to stay there and still maintain your PR Status.

So wait in the US for the next 3 years and if by that time your US PR is not approved, then move to Canada. At least you have the next 3 years to think about.

You have an option and that is very important. Dont be discouraged by people who tell you to pick a country and stick with it. This is not a game of roulette. Three years is a long time and things can change. I can understand the confusion you are facing.

Good luck with your decisions,

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You must land in CDA before your medical expires. The single use entry visa will have the expiry date, which should be the same as one year from when you completed you medical.

You can land and then go back to the use, right aways even within and hour, but you will not have you PR card until you provide CIC with an address in Cda for it to be mail. When you are ready to come back to Canada you will then need to apply for a entry visa.

You will first have to land, then leave for up to 3 years. As long as 3 yrs has not passed you can return to Cda and resume your PR.

But as Sharon said, pick one country and stick with it.

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