Can I drive my car during Landing?

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Subject: Can I drive my car during Landing?
  Hi Everyone,

I plan to drive my own car into Canada for my landing process and then come back to the USA within 2 or 3 days.

Then after about 1 year, I plan to move permanently to Canada. Will the officials at the Landing Point ask me to import my car even if I tell them that I plan to return back to the USA in 2 or 3 days.

Thank you

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hey AAA havent your applied for your US greencard??
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Not sure. But why not import the car right then and there? If the car is to be imported later, at the time of landing you´ll need to provide Customs with a list of goods to come later which should include the car.
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I don´t know about this. When we drove across the border with our vehicle to land, they wanted everything for the vehicle to be imported at that time. I´m not sure what would happen if you choose only to land, and then return.

When they fill out Form 1, it is sent to RIV and $209 must be paid at that time. The Form 1 is stamped and sent to RIV who will send you the criteria for changing your vehicle over to being ´Canadianized´. If you land with your vehicle and import at that time, then you will have 60 days i believe to change your vehicle over before you can licence it.
I guess, if you arrive they may expect that the vehicle be imported at that time. They may allow you to land with it and return to the states later, but i´d have all the paper work necessary. They are most worried about people landing with a vehicle..possibly selling it, then returning to the states to buy new(cheaper than here), and then landing with a newer vehicle.

You may run into some problems at customs. So i´d be ready if they ask you for the paperwork. Why not just land later when you plan to live here? You have one year on your visa to land.

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
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