Is IELTS necessary after IA?

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Subject: Is IELTS necessary after IA?
  Hi All:
I received my IA recently and CHC London requested some extra documents. I have not taken the above exams although I am not English. I am from an English speaking country though. I think I included a TOEFL results slip I took many years ago before entering university. All my academic work has been done in England and the US.
I have sent all documents they requested already.

My question is, do I need to take IELTS although they did not request for it? :?: I just want to know if it makes any difference now since if they needed it they would have requested it in the first place.
Just to be on the safe side really. :P

Many thanks for your help.

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If you´ve already received your IA, and they didn´t ask for IELTS results then you don´t need to submit it. If you do have the results then you should them. There was no point in sending your TOEFL score since it clearly states on the CIC website that they don´t accept it.
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