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Subject: Finaly - Mission completed
  Just 6 hours after my desperate post on this forum about my passport delay, I got call from embassy: ?Sir, your documents has arrived?.? (Sto bi rekao mudri Cane ? Ali jedan poziv menja sve). Day after, I collect passports and CPR. All data were accurate and now I am searching accommodation in Canada :))).
Thanks for all previous replies and support through this process.
Good luck

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Good luck!!!
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Congratulations!!! would you like to share your timeline, it will give us some idea.
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I have already give my time line, but I will repeat it shortly
28.jan 2005 apply
01.feb 2005 aor
15.feb 2006. letter to embassy in Vienna about my case
02. mar. 2006 received medical forms
15.mar. 2006. send medical results
01.apl.2006 additional documents
03. may ppr
01. jun 2006 visa

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your tuff time will start when u will land in canada buddy
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