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Subject: From Quebec to other place
What if you apply to permanent residence in Quebec and once there you change your mind and decide to go to the english provinces ? You can travel and work without problems ? Or you have to do some paperwork ?
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if you have gone through Quebec selection, you are required to land in Quebec. Travel is no issue in terms of vacation. I believe there is some convenant you are agreeing to in terms of living and working in Quebec for a certain length of time. Not sure how enforceable it is.

If there were not agreement to settle, there would be no purpose to the Quebec program.

From Quebec to other place (in reply to: From Quebec to other place)
Yeah, if you apply to Quebec tne idea is to live in Quebec of course, but, what if you find a nice job in an english province ? You?re going to say no just to live in Quebec ? I don?t think so. I?ve been researching this issue but nothing says it?s mandatory to stay in Quebec, as a matter of fact, after the Quebec selection certificate you receive a federal approval, so, as far as I know, I have the right to settle where I want to.

But, this are only interpretations and guesses. I would like to receive and answer from someone who is familiarized with immigration rules related to this topic. Once in Quebec can I move ? In a short term ? After a while ?


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