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Subject: To Departure Bay- Important
  I am definetely sure that many people are fed up with your posts concerning your application here,

Cannot you spend a day without posting your concerns about your application in this forum ???

Dont you have anything else except for posting your anxiety, curiousity, and fucking impatient behaviour like a child about your application ???

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you don´t have to read it. you do not own this place
departure bay
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when everyone else at this embassy is waiting a year for IA - how would you feel if you were pushing 2??? a little frustrated perhaps. a little impatient.

walk a mile in somebody elses shoes before you decide to mouth off.

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Anonymous (**.99.89.67),

Get a life. Whuz your problem if DB wanna share his concerns. Besides, you do not own the forum.

One more thing....what kinda language did you use ??? " fucking impatient behaviour ". Watch your own words.

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1. DB of course has to write about his concerns, but if he is doing that again and again ...sorry got to vomit > Fair enough....
2. Sammy

what about your fucking street language ´kinda´ ´whuz´ idiot....

Never heard impatient behavour ? Cannot get it ? Go back to school ...and type ´whuz´ in your English essays.... and get kicked!!!

Ps. I didnot know this place has an English Instructor whose English sucks ...

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Right on, Sharon.
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I´m sure everybody is frustrated...LOL. DB may be running through some tough times, but such language and expressions doesn´t dictate anything better either.

Have some patience guys.... Sooner or later, it will happen, we all are in the same boat.

Hang in there...

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Whoever wrote that stupid comment is a complete IDIOT!!. What the hell do you think this forum was created for? It obviously is a place were people are to "post there immigration concerns". So, what is wrong with what DB is doing?...Absolutely NOTHING!!!

I think you are just bored and feel like starting something. Get a life!! If you want a discussion board that talks about french fries, then go find one!!!

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Woooooo.....I´m so scared!
By the way, I know what is "fucking impatient behavior". But I objected on"fucking" word in the civilized forum. But if you want to be Mr. know all and be my teacher, hey, be my guest.

Besides, if you HAVE to throw up coz of DB´s posting, make sure you do it outside the forum :))

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I think Anonymous (**.99.89.67) likes to stir things up...and gets off on it! The other one needs to find a church and go preach there, we do just find without the editoral remarks...losers Lol!

Please DB continue on sharing this helps all wether we write or just read the posts. Thanks DB!

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Fair enough you all make smile... Sorry guys guls and gays, DB sorry mate keep on posting, hey you can also talk about the concert you went to, that great moment when you cried, in the front row...

Somebody is watching you DB ...Caution caution, hehhe just kidding