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Subject: updated reference letters
  right now i´m expecting a PPR but instead i get a letter from the embassy stating that i should send a letter of reference from my current employer. nowhere did i ever state that i was currently employed. i applied so long ago and sent all the relevent employment docs already. the last few i sent clearly state that my 2yr contract had already expired at the time of sending.

right now i´m not employed so there´s nothing to send. do you think not being currently employed would have a negative effect on my case? i already have enough points. why this, why now??

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This will not effect your application. Just send them a letter telling them your current situation. The immigration officer is probably confuse about yout application.
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frustrating eh? technically, unemployment should not be a reason for disapproving an application specially if you have enough points just like you said....but with cic...one can never tell....I suggest that you write them a letter stating that your last contract ended so and so. If you can offer great reasons for not being employed that´s better....if you went back to school and had to stop working etc. You might also want to include an enumeration of your past employments just to stress the fact that you are qualified even if you are presently unemployed (of course don´t point this out to them)....just try to keep the tone of your letter professional and respectful....good luck to you.
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try to prepare a strong statement explaining ur position.
being umemployed shouldn´t be taken negatively -- if u have the sufficient points.

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Why don´t you get a temp/contract job some where... just to avoid any risk?
Tell them you are taking a year off to travel (in reply to: updated reference letters)
I am about to become unemployed, and my application is still in process, If they enquire I am planning to tell them that I have decided to take a year off to travel. Try it and let me know if this works.
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