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Subject: Finally got it
  Hi everyone, after a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait, I have finally got my Visa plus REFUND of half of the landing fees
Thanks to all of you for ur support & suggestions, especially to Cherry.
AOR Aug 2000 (New Delhi)
Medical Oct 2005

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Congrats and good luck after such a long wait.
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Share your timeline please.

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How did you get the refund ?
When i got my passport back from Buffalo with the visa , they put a note in there that i would be getting a refund soon .
How sson did you get your refund ? Was it included when your passport was returned to you ?

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AOR Aug 2000
Medicals Oct 2005
Visa June 2006

They sent the refund with my passport on 15 june

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