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Subject: recd medical forms
  hi guys ,

I have recd my medical forms from CIC london . They have asked for the ROLF and my Omani police clearence .
What confuses me is :-
1. Why didn´t they ask for the Indain Clearence? (which i had not
submitted at the time of the application).
2. Does this mean that there will be no interview?
3. Once clearing my medical will i get my visa?

Thanks guys, you all have been very informative and supportive on this forum.
regards jen

can't wait
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This is just my opinion, but if they didn´t ask for Indian clearance and you have been in India, then submitting it on your own might speed things up, as they will very likely ask for it later on, which will hold your application up. They probably won´t ask for an interview, but could always ask for one in the future. If the medical clears and all clearances are in I think they will give you the visa. Good Luck.
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thanks bob

i have already got my clearance from India and will be send it with my medicals.
i hope they do not take own time in sort our case .just soooooo tried of waiting for everything to happen where CHC london is concern .

can\\\'t wait
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Jen why are you so stressed? I would say just wait and if you are too bored, go out and hang out with a bunch of wild guys. There are more things in life than getting the PR. You know that it will show up in mail sooner or later. So just chill out and have some fun. Once you get the PR, you might suddenly feel empty and wonder what else you should get yourself into.
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