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  Hi there,
I have the same timeline as yours. you replied to my posting "any ppr from NY". My ecas changed to meds received on June 5 as well. I havent received my PPR. I was wondering when did you send additional docs and RPRF fee. I sent all the additional stuff on april 25th. the i got a letter asking to submit revised fee which i did on May 30th. The following monday (june 5th) ecas changed to meds received. I still dont have my PPR. If you could explain your timeline in detail it would help me to assess my timeline better. Do they issue PPR after they cash the money order. I am incanada applicant.


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Hi Anonymous...

I sent RPRF fee on MID APRIL by making Money Order from bank ($975/person).

Actually they didn´t ask me any additional documents except RPRF fee. And I did NOT get any letter relate to revised fee yet.

Be patient, you will get yours soon. I wish I will hear good news from you as soon as possible...


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