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Subject: Interview Request
Finally, I received interview request from Buffalo on Nov 2, 06 after four years of wait. Not really excited to hear interview request
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oh my god, four years!!
Did you get your IA? did you do your medical?
Check CAIPS then

departure bay
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That´s shouldn´t be a bad news, at least to a people who has been waiting for such a long time.
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Departure bay: They send me medical paper in Jan 2004 but I didn´t go for medical because they told me to wait for interview schedule. The reason they put my name on background check for last two years
Anonymous: This is not a bad news. That?s what you think. What if meanwhile your friends with same background and less education are planning to apply for citizenship in Canada? How you will feel about this sluggish and racist immigration system. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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did they instruct you not to do medical?
then why they mailed you medical?
Have you ever tried to order CAIPS???

I am so sorry, this really sounds like "security interview"

departure bay
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No they didn´t I am doing it because if they clear me in the interview I don´t want to wait one more year. I am pretty confident I will pass the interview. I finish my MBA from reputed University in Chicago and working on managerial position.

I don´t know why they send me medical paper 2.5 years ago.

I did order CAIPS notes major reason is background check. They send my file three times for background check.

They are asking me to bring W-2´s, Passport, original degree. I don?t think so this is security interview.


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