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Subject: WHO SHOULD IT BE???
  My husband and I are both getting the same points. But have some areas where we differ. So which one of us should be the principal applicant, to make the chances higher for us NOT getting rejected?

1) I am working part time currently, and my salary is not much, and is irregular. My hubby on the other hand has got a high salary and full time job. (we both have 4+ years experience, though he has had bouts of unemployment in between)

2) I have got 15 years of education and a BA degree. He has got 14 years, but his last year, was thru correspondence. His BA degree is certified, notarized and attested by Indian and UAE depts

4) My sister is settled in Canada, therefore its his sister in law

5) The bank funds that we have accumulated and kept aside as our savings are in my name, cuz the bank did not issue joint accounts.

So do u experts recommend? Should I become the principal applicant, even though he´s the earning member and I am not?? Or it makes no real difference. I am concerned about the last year distance education he had. Would that pose a problem?

Please advise.

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If you have the same points flip a coin! Your sister gets your husband five points as well hopefully you counted it that way.


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I agree. Let your husband be the PA as he is more likely to justify the case of a regular employment. BTW check which of you get more points from the NOC list (employment in demand in Canada). If you dont mind sharing please tell what you specialize in (degree and job) and what does your husband specialize in. Sometimes it makes sense to base PA decision on that.

A caution - don´t send any personal information to Roy, I read that he easily gives out personal information to other people for marketing and his works ethics are dubious.

Best to ask consultants general questions, fill out the forms yourself - very easy. If you have problems as the forum and all will help.

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