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Subject: applications to London

I know this question may have been asked several times, but I do hope u guys reply.

Has anyone of u sent an application to London, without enclosing the PCC, and has the application been accepted? If yes, then when did u send the PCC? (how long back did u apply)

I have read that London has a one stop process, and want u to submit all the documents at the time of application. Do they make an exception for the PCC, of we attach a note stating its under process. We are willing to submit our UAE PCC along with the application, but since the Indian one will take longer, we thought of sending it in later. WILL LONDON OFFICE ACCEPT IT IS MY QUESTION?

Please advise!!

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For someone who hoards all the money - it will be REJECTED!
They will want to see a JT. Bank account!

Which bank in UAE or India does not allow JT. Bank account??

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Well Anonymous u didn´t answer my other question about the PCC, but the bank that doesn´t believe in Joint accounts for ur info is Dubai Islamic Bank.
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hi Samina

I submitted my application without the india pcc and the uk pcc . We had only submitted the oman Pcc .
i have now recd my request for medicals and they have asked for the Omani pcc again .we had also submitted are uk clearance after recieving our IA . we also sending our Indian Pcc with our medicals so we avoid any futher delays .
MY time line:
Filed :-dec 2003
AOR :-feb2004
IA:- aug 2005
Add doc:-oct 2005 agent didn´t recd the lttr
req again 4adddoc: mar 2006
Med recd jun 2006
i hope this helps
regards jen

can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wait
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Thanks Jen, that does sort out a lot. I think I will go ahead and submit, with only the UAE PCC, and will follow with the Indian PCC later.

Thanks again and wish u all the best

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The validity of PCCs is only 6 months - hence I advise you wait for CIC to ask you for one. This is going to be during the IA stage. Then obtain the PCCs and send it. I did that for my app and all was OK.

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its so silly. Why do they bother asking for it in the first place? Would make life so much easier, if they told us that in the first place. The London office checklist mentions PCC. Already stressed getting everything together, and this unknown feature!!

Thanks Anonymous

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